I’m a grad student at UC Berkeley living in San Francisco Bay Area.  Before moving to Bay Area, I finished my CS Undergrad from Mumbai University and spent a few months working as a Software Engineer at RevContent  on their ad serving technologies.

I  was a research intern at the Language Technologies lab, IIIT-Hyderabad during my junior year’s summer break. Previously, I’ve worked at Haptik as a Machine Learning Intern and a Software Engineering intern. Prior to that, I would do full stack development at Flat.to (acquired by CommonFloor and changed to FlatChat) and Pikup.  Otherwise, I’m working on my freelance gig, building software for enterprise customers. I like to write and I have written over 800 blog posts on my tech blog, Etiole, which is in a dormant state since a few years.

I’m comfortable with certain frameworks like Django, Yii, React, Node and Angular by the virtue of having worked on it in the past. My interests span Machine Learning and NLP, Algorithms, Web technologies and the blockchain infrastructure. I’ve been piqued by deep learning and I’ve been spending my time playing with models and trying out some fun experiments. In my junior year, I’d spend time doing competitive programming and quite unexpectedly, my team partner and I stood 2nd at the World Finals of TCS Codevita 2015.

Beyond tech, I like trekking and I occasionally post images of it on Instagram. Some of my favorite authors are Scott Adams, Tim Urbans, Ayn Rand, and Douglas Adams. I’m always open to suggestions for additions to my reading list, and I read anything from sci-fi to economics to comics. WaitButWhy and Nautilus are my absolute favourites. I’ve spent a sizeable chunk of life listening to post rock artists like Explosions in the Sky and Sigur Ros.


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